The studies, which were commenced in 2007 at Bakırtepe Gold Mine which has been acquired by Demir Export A.Ş. through a tender award from the Mineral Affairs General Directorate (MİGEM), were accelerated in the Years, 2011 and 2012 and necessary Environmental Impact Assessment (ÇED /EIA) process has been completed in connection therewith. Site construction works were commenced in April 2012 upon acquisition of the authorizations. However, the works were stopped as per the "Decision for Stay of Enforcement" by Sivas Administrative Court and works resumed upon the revision of the ÇED / EIA Report and rescission of the "Decision for Stay of Enforcement" in 2015.

The installation works, which started in June, were completed in a period of 154 days whereupon the facilities were put into operation in December 2015 and initial ingot production was achieved on March 28, 2016. Bakırtepe Gold Mine Project, which is the first precious metal (gold and silver) discovered and developed by Demir Export A.Ş. from scratch, has an annual production capacity of 25,000 ounce (800 kg). It is planned to produce a total of 150,000 ounce (4,800 kg) of gold metal throughout the operating life of the mine. Geological exploration presently continue inside the same site and at its vicinity in order to expand and enlarge viable reserves.