Career and Skills Management
The aim of Career Planning and Succession Management is to early detect employees with potential to equip them with the required professional knowledge and skills, and preparing them for more challenging positions. 

Employees with the potential are identified through results of performance assessments, immediate supervisor advice and competency assessments. Those candidates, absorbed into the potential pool, resulting from the 360 Degree Competency Evaluations and Performance Evaluations, are prepared for the future with our Leadership Development programmes. Career planning for potential employees is monitored at regular human resources meetings.

Employees that possess high level leadership skills are identified and evaluated by “Assessment Center” and continuously observed for their imporvements.
With this assessment method, successors are identified for critical positions and a sustainable performance management is achieved. 

As a part of Skills Management Programme, Corporate Coaching Program has started for our employees with high level leadership skills. Future leaders receive coaching within the Corporate which aids HR to observe their progress. Internal coaches are trained to increase our coaches.