HR Policy and Objectives

Demir Export, whichadopts the sustainable mining policy in which economic and social improvementare incorporated with environmental protection, makes significant contributionsto local and general employment besides the contribution it provides the miningsector with. It tries to meet the expectations in the highest level with thereciprocal dialog understanding and feedback mechanisms by regarding theshareholders’ expectations while executing its operations in the sector itruns.

Demir Export believes that its real capital is the human resource. Along withthe best HR applications, which are accepted in the world and nationalstandards, Demir Export adopts as a principle to direct its operations in thedirection of notifications it receives from the staff. With this understanding,it makes a great effort to create an environment in which all staff feelsthemselves important and to keep the staff standards at its highest level. Thedevelopment of the staff is supported with need directed educations andperiodical performance assessments. 

Contentment of the staff is periodically measured and improvements are made toincrease it.

By force of our approach of respect for human rights, everyone, working forDemir Export Inc. is regarded as equal by not discriminating ethnic origin,race, language, religion, sect, age, gender, nationality, disability. Thisapproach starting with our human resources policy is based on the principles ofright person for right job, equal charge for equal work, merit according tosuccess and equal opportunity for everyone.

In the light of our vision, mission, strategies, operation processes and commonvalues:

  • We aim at incorporating protecting the human force consisting of staff which is open to education and development and whose motivation and institutional belonging is high, with updated and human focused Human Resource applications,
  • Improving human resource systems and processes to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our staff,
  • Creating a corporation culture which is dynamic, innovative and suitable for team work,
  • Being a company which is preferred by newcomers into the sector and grown up labor force by ensuring the sustainability of staff loyalty and contentment which is the most significant determinant in the constant success of our company.
  • Acting by sticking to the ethical values and with the responsibility for the society in our all operations and implementations,
  • Ensuring a working environment in which transparent, decent, mutual trust and respect based relations are adopted and in which improvements are supported with modern, creative individuals who believe in team work.