Human Resources
Demir Export, embracing a mining policy where social and economic development unites with environmental protection, contributes to regional and general recruitment besides the direct contribution to mining industry. Our Company strives to meet the expectations of the shareholders through mutual dialogues and feedback mechanisms while operating in its sector.

Demir Export accepts that employees are most valuable assets of the Company. Besides the HR practices accepted worldwide, Demir Export adopts to use the feedback of its employees on its roadmap. With this principle, Company shows great effort to provide the employees with a working environment with high standards where every one feels valuable. Company supports its employees on their personal development through trainings and regular performance evaluation meetings. 

Improvements are made after employee satisfaction surveys conducted regularly.

As a part of our human rights policy, Demir Export accepts that each individual is equal without exception of ethnicity, race, language, belief, age, sex, nationality or physical challenges. This policy stems from the principles; placing right person to the right job, equal pay for equal work, merit on success rates and equal opportunites for all

In the light of our HR Vision, Mission, strategies, processes and collective values; we aim to;
  • Incorporate and keep a workforce open to training and improvement with high self-motivation and corporate belonging, through up to date and human oriented Human Resources practices,
  • Develop human resources systems and processes to uplift the efficiency and productivity of our employees,
  • Develop a dynamic and progressive corporate culture apt to team work,
  • Be a company preferred both by the newly graduated and the qualified manpower,
  • Operate while being accountable for all our activities and practices with respect to community and ethics,
  • Provide a working environment supported by modern and innovative individuals who believe in team work, established on transparent, honest and respectful relationships.