Demir Export A.Ş. has signed the CEO Support Declaration, an initiative carried out jointly by Koç Holding and United States Organ Promoting Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.

By signing the said declaration, we aim to share the projects and improvements that our company will realize in relation to women with all our employees.

In this context, the project “We are encoding our Dreams” is one of the projects we undertake to carry our efforts in this regard a step further.

At the first stage of our Project designed for women and especially for girls, trainings were organized on topics including Occupational Health and Safety, Effective Family Communication, Effective Teenager Communication and Women’s Health for the spouses of our employees in Eynez, Manisa.

Another component of the project “We are coding our Dreams” includes coding training to be delivered to the daughters of our employees.

Our Project aims to enable children who are becoming more familiar to the developing technology every passing day to understand these technologies better, to improve their computer skills, and to become individuals not only using information technologies but also developing new applications.

With the help of technology and coding trainings to be implemented in the scope of our project, we aim to raise individuals with digital competencies, who have the foresight to plan their dreams and hence the future through entertaining and educational methods.

We would like to express our thanks to “Turkey Family Health and Planning Foundation (TAPV)”, “KızCode Platform”, and Manisa Celal Bayar University” who have been very kind to provide us with support in implementing this project.
May 18, 2018