“For My Country” project is a Koç Holding social responsibility initiative that was launched in 2006 to encourage the spread of individual entrepreneurship as part of the concept of responsible citizenship. Our company and employees develop different projects every year with the awareness that we need to contribute to social solidarity of our country and the solution of local problems. "For My Country" project is an umbrella project which aims to create more participatory attitude against social problems and adopt projects that will enhance the standard of life through support of local development by expanding the social responsibility phenomenon among Koç Group companies, employees, dealers, suppliers. In the scope of the every two years changing  theme of the project, it  is aimed  to develop a more inclusive attitude towards social problems and to raise the standard of living by supporting local development projects intended to implement.

Koç Group, both at individual and institutional level, wants to be part of development of conscious awareness, and at the same time  be part of the solution by not remaining in different to the problems of our country. Our company aims to ensure the spreading of social responsibility among base class through employees and the development of a more participatory attitude towards the community problems individually.

May 31, 2016