Tree Planting Fests

Every year in our mines, our employees and their families attend tree planting organizations. In Kangal, we have planted more than 1.000.0000 trees since 1997.

Blood Donation
In cooperation with Turkish Red Crescent in 2010, the goal was to find regular volunteer blood donors countrywide and to raise awareness among our employees and the communities.

The basic aim is to increase the number of regular and voluntary donors bycreating awareness about the importance of blood donation for human life.

Koç Sport Festival
The sports festival is held every year in diverse sports activities among the group companies.

Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter For The Nation
With the main goal of this project to provide companies in Turkey and of Koç with competent work force, Our Company provides scholarships, internships and personal development opportunities to the students of Vocational Schools. 

For My Country
Our Company and our work force develop various projects every year with the awareness that we need to contribute to provide a solution for social assistance and local problems in our country.