Success structured only on financial and technological features has long been ancient history. Rules of the game have changed in the new world. Now is the time to adopt the new rules. An absolute must to succees is now sustainability. 

We, as employees of Demir Export, regard “environment” as a legacy to the next generation.  We are seeking ways to grow while protecting the environment, earth and people, by following the best practices in the world. We are aiming for a sustainable future. 

We are committed to develop our work within the following principles to realize our environmental objectives for a sustainable future; 
  • To undertake basic environmental data collection of the mining area in physical, biological and socio-economical periphery; use the basic data on meteorology and climate, geology, air quality, surface and underground water quality, soil quality, flora and fauna, noise, acid rock drainage potential, hydrogeology and hydrology for our environmental projects to minimize the impact,
  • To prefer environmentally friendly technology,
  • Full compliance to national environmental legislation and go beyond to adopt international environmental management standards,
  • To develop environmental internal auditing system and improve efficiency of audits
  • To minimize use of natural resources, ensure effective use of natural resources
  • To minimize waste production, ensure reuse and recycling
  • To undertake activities to raise environmental awareness in society
  • To undertake reclamation and rehabilitation of the area during and after mining activities.