Demir Export A.Ş.; ensures to work by sticking to the policies below to ensure a healthy and safe working environment its employees in its all mines and exploration sites and to operate by respecting the community, without harming the environment:

1. To comply with the ethical rules and legislation provisions of the country in which we operate; 

2. In the direction of our shareholders’ expectations in the processes of project and production, to keep the standards at high level, to search and carry out the improvement opportunities.

3. To ensure the sustainability of the work by creating a safe working environment and to design, run and restructure all preventing operations and infrastructure related to the to prevent the staff from occupational illnesses and injuries;

4. To choose persons and firms which have appropriate quality and abilities and which are to stick to the occupational safety management, in employing, purchasing and subcontractor selection;

5. To ensure that the operations, which are assessed as risky in the consequence of risk assessment, start after the measures, which are to decrease the risk rates to an acceptable degree, are taken.

6. To carry out periodical supervision and assessment programs, to observe these programs and to put into practice the improvement studies by taking necessary measures.

7. To receive the opinions of our shareholders’ about occupational safety, health and environment related to the preparation, production and shutdown stages of the projects and to give feedback through a clear and honest communication;

8. To show commitment for occupational safety, health and environmental performance reporting and to report all accidents;

9. To avoid from purchasing, renting or using the machine and equipment which are not compliant with our occupational safety and environment policies.

All our Employees are responsible for the prosecution and improvement of these principles in occupational safety, health and community relations affairs. 

Our Company is going to continue its operations by abiding by these policies to keep amongst the mining companies which display the best performance in our country about occupational safety, health and environment. 

All accidents are preventable, Goal is Zero Accident!

Savaş Şahin
General Manager