Along with the geologic - geochemical studies, core drilling was started in 2012 in the site purchased by tender from General Directorate of Mining Affairs on 07.03.2012.

Two mineralizations were recognized in the license site and with the completion of EIA process which has started in 2014. A total of 35.000m of core drilling has been completed. 

In consequence of studies of Phase 1 on Skarn type copper (Cu) – zinc (Zn) mineralization, a 3 milliont tonnes of reserve has been recognized with an average of 1,3% Cu, 4,77% Zn, and 33gr/t Ag content. Drilling is ongoing to increase the potential. 

It is anticipated that construction will commence in 2016 and floatation plant with the capacity of 100t/h will be commissioned in 2017.