Project and Business Development Group, thanks to its experienced and expert staff, is able to provide all necessary technical services in all steps of the mining projects of our Company. The software and hardware, which ensure the effectuation of the project and which collect the reliable information on which the projects in question are based on, are used by following the developing technologic innovations. 

Project and Business Development Group, conducts operations such as choosing the suitable production method for the project after the completion of resource identification work, short or long term production planning, choosing machine - equipment, site layout planning, determining the necessary labor force, developing flowcharts, engineering works such as organization and execution of ore enrichment projects, feasibility works in every sense from market analyses along with purchasing and project management to determining the required finance resources. 

In addition, conducting operations of constant improvement of the firms existing within the project process, generating solutions or contributing to the solution process for the problems arising or possible to arise, researching the applicability of the developing technology to the Company by closely following it and preparing periodical reports of operations in every stage of projects are under the responsibility of Project and Business Development Group.

Our company carries out an active policy about enhancing the production amount, productivity and profitability of the mines in its portfolio and making use of new investment opportunities. In the direction of this policy, utilizing existing portfolio in the most effective way, following and bringing new investment opportunities at home and abroad to Company to enable it to enlarge and vary its existing portfolio are some of the main objectives of Project and Business Development Group. 

Our Company also cooperates with top line corporations of the world on project basis in the project operations which it conducts.