Demir Export A.S., Exploration Department carries out exploration projects to make new explorations and develop existing projects with its experienced expert staff.

We continuously revise andapply our exploration strategies not only on domestic market demands, but also on commodity needs in global-scale.

We carry out our studies in accordance with international standards by interpreting many raw data both inthe literature and in our company’s database and our 60 years of experience in exploration together with our knowledge and operational skills.

We firstly give priority to people and nature in every phase of our exploration studies. We show attention to create short and long term recruitment opportunities in every location where we act within the frame of a sustainable exploration program. And we support development locally through procurement of our logistic needs. We follow-up international norms and changing and growing methods of exploration continuously related tomineral exploration. We share our knowledge and experience in national and international organizations with other professionals in the sector through verbal presentations, posters, articles and etc., tools and in general we lead to exploration studies.

Each year, we meet with students and academics from Geological Engineering Departments of Universities to share our sector-related knowledge and experiences with them. We provide students from different universities in different countries and in Turkey with regular training opportunities.