Demir Export A.Ş., besides the own exploration and exploitation licenses registered, also seeks opportunities of exploration, development and production in the mining licenses owned by state enterprises or other third parties. In this context, one of the most important continued businesses of our company has been iron ore production. The iron ore extracted from iron mines directly charged into blast furnaces, accounts for the 25% of national iron ore demand and is made available for all integrated iron and steel plants in the country.

Besides iron ore production, Demir Export A.Ş. also produced zinc, lead, silver, copper and gold concentrates.

Demir Export A.Ş. also occupies an important position in other fields of mining industry such as ore enrichment, mine production and haulage contract works, exploration, research and projects.

Our ore enrichment plants established to increase the added value of the ore produced from our exemplary open and underground operations fulfill the requirements of advanced technology.