• About Us

    Demir Export A.Ş. is a diversified Turkish mining house operating under Koç Group; the largest industrial conglomerate in Turkey.

    Demir Export A.Ş., has been operating iron ore mines since its foundation in 1957. DE started producing zinc, lead, silver and copper concentrates. Later, DE also produced chromite ore, lumpy and as concentrate.

    Along with production of the above mentioned ores, our Company has an important place in other mining activities such as ore enrichment (concentrate production), mine production and haulage contract works, exploration, research and projects.

    Our company still operates in various commodities in our own mining tenements. We also have a contracting business, where we do long term contracting works for lignite mining that the excavated lignites directly feed the thermal power plants.

    Demir Export A.Ş. is one of the leading companies of Turkey with a strong in-house technical team, and modern machinery. 

Copper Cash $/tonne 4.685,00
Aluminium Cash $/tonne 1.532,00
Zinc Cash $/tonne 1.708,50
Lead Cash $/tonne 1.818,00
Nickel Cash $/tonne 8.545,00
Tin Cash $/tonne 15.170,00
Gold P.M. $/oz 1.156,35
Silver Spot $/oz 14,4
Iron Ore 63.5% Fe CFR China $/tonne 45,3